Cross-cultural Training Based on the Lewis Model

Cross-cultural Training Based on the Lewis Model.

The Lewis Model training is an intercultural communication course designed to improve your ability to interact and lead across national and cultural borders. Developed by the world’s leading cross-culturalist Richard D. Lewis (, the (LMR) model has been used by top multinational organisations such as the World Bank, Microsoft, Nokia and Rolls-Royce. The aim of the training is to increase cross-cultural awareness and facilitate global interactions in the commercial and diplomatic spheres. By examining the countries’ cultural positions on the tripartite scale (linear, multi-active, reactive), the trainees will acquire practical insights into their own style of communication but also learn to adapt their behaviours according to the style of the target cultures. The model has been applied to many areas of cross-cultural management including negotiations, meetings, presentations or team-work.

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All training courses and language-related services are delivered in Warsaw at the client’s premises or another previously agreed location.

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