Intercultural Communicaton and Negotiation Training

Intercultural Communicaton and Negotiation Training .

In today’s globalised world we find ourselves in increased contact with members of other cultures, particularly in the spheres of business activities. Many international projects and deals have failed, and continue to fail, due to misunderstandings and clashes caused by cultural differences.

These situations could have been averted. Both we, as well as our clients and students, have frequently experienced cross-cultural encounters which did not go well despite our best intentions. We have since been searching for tools and practical solutions that would not only allow us to reduce future misunderstandings in intercultural communication and negotiations, but which would also enable us to take real advantage of cultural diversity. Together, we have developed a programme which provides professionals with the skills required to build effective intercultural relationships, and helps companies develop ‘cultural agility’ which will translate into better business results.

What we offer: 

• practical training in intercultural communication and negotiations, which assist companies with identifying and meeting the expectations of international clients

• cultural profiling tools matching company’s employees to international markets

• individual coaching for people interested in improving their intercultural communication and negotiation skills

Methods and tools:

We use many methods in our daily work, however our main tool is the LMR model developed by Richard Lewis. Internationally known and acclaimed as the clearest and most effective instrument for cultural analysis, The Lewis Model enables individuals and companies to predict future conflicts and identify common values and interests between national cultures. The model is supported by the self-assessment diagnostic tool (, which allows the trainees to identify their own cultural style. Although national cultures affect all of their members, it is individual preferences that makes some of us more adept at forming relationships with, for example, Americans, while others get along better with Spanish or the Chinese.

The model and the assessment tool have been widely used and have gained recognition among many international companies and institutions, including the World Bank, Deutsche Bank, International Federation of Accountants, Microsoft, Infosys, IG Group, Trello, Qualcomm, Telefonica, Nokia. More information about the companies who have worked with the Lewis Model can be found here:  

In our training and coaching we focus on providing participants with the opportunities to practice adapting their behaviours and speech styles to a variety of contexts. We also concentrate on interactions with specific cultures based on demand and following previous arrangements with the client.

Training outcomes:

• increased self-awareness and understanding of other cultures

• practical tools for handling misunderstandings caused by cultural differences

• better business results thanks to the ability to manage rapport in intercultural encounters

Hanna Buławka-Burgard, Ilona Hunek


About Us:

We are a team of intercultural communication and negotiation specialists – with a background in linguistics and business management. We are also certified trainers of Richard Lewis Communication.



Hanna Buławka-Burgard

Trainer and researcher in intercultural business communication, delivering combined language and cross-cultural training to Warsaw-based companies. A Visiting Lecturer at Wrocław University of Economics and Business, where she teaches Intercultural Communication. Her clients and students are competent speakers of English who are looking to hone their global communication skills and to learn to adapt their interaction style to international audiences. 

Hania holds a Ph.D. in English Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham (UK). Her professional experience gained in the academic and commercial sectors spans the fields of professional communication, PR and media analysis, women in leadership and intercultural communication. The overriding aim of her work has been to help individuals and businesses increase their interpersonal effectiveness in a global environment.

Originally from Poland, Hania has lived and worked in the United Kingdom and Germany for 11 years. In 2017, she launched her own teaching and consultancy company, which specialises in language and intercultural development. She is an active member of global professional networks including IATEFL, BESIG, SIETAR Europa, Here We Are Global and IGALA, and frequently gives speeches with a focus on intercultural adaptation, global effectiveness and English as a business lingua franca. Since 2019, she has been coordinating a research project at SIETAR Polska looking into the Polish communication style and its effect on international business collaboration.



Ilona Hunek

Business trainer and lecturer with over 20 years of professional experience. A practitioner and a researcher with expertise in international negotiations and diversity management. Ilona holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University College Dublin. She teaches on graduate, postgraduate and MBA programmes at Kozminski University and is a Visiting Lecturer in international universities, dividing her time between Poland, Ireland and the Far East, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Colombo. Ilona Initiated and developed international exchange programmes at Kozminski University – today one of the most multicultural universities in Poland.

She is an experienced business trainer specialising in negotiations and conflict management. Her client base includes private companies, banks, financial and public insitutions, local governments and more. She has worked for PKO, BP, Kruk, Deutsche Bank, Infosys, Shilooh, Frauenthal, Atrium, Sobieski Hotel, Polish Employment Agency, Polish Post, the Polish National Police and the Border Guard service. Ilona has taught negotiations within EU programmes and provided training on maximising individual career potential for Henkel, IKEA and Nordea. Since 2011 she has been cooperating with the European Academy of Diplomacy.

In 2007-2008 Ilona was an advisor on the integration of migrant workers and organisational diversity for the Irish Trade Union Congress.  

Where I work?
All training courses and language-related services are delivered in Warsaw at the client’s premises or another previously agreed location.

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