About me
Dr Hanna Buławka-Burgard.

We all know that English is a must in today’s well-connected world. But does every style of communication brings optimal effects in a global environment?  Which language skills and interpersonal qualities do you need to successfully navigate the rough waters of cross-border encounters and what does it mean to be an effective intercultural communicator?

It is questions like these that prompted me to launch my own teaching and consultancy service which responds directly to the needs and demands of today’s businesses and individuals.

As a linguist and English language specialist I am keen to help you achieve communication excellence throughout your organization and beyond.

How I work.

The complex character of communication, along with the varied nature of the businesses where it is embedded, calls for a model of cooperation based on the consulting approach. That is why at Warsaw Communications I adopt the following action plan:

  • Assess learning objectives

    The client completes a questionnaire during a one-to-one interview, which helps define their communication profile and identify language needs. 

  • Prepare a bespoke training programme

    The assessment of the client’s competences, preferences, and motivation is necessary to create an individually-tailored programme which addresses previously exposed communication challenges and ‘blind spots’.

  • Create optimal meeting schedule

    After pinpointing the learning outcomes of the client or organization, the next step consists of agreeing the length and frequency of meetings.

  • Begin the training

    All sessions, both group and individual, are adjusted based on the clients’ working schedules and hence take place in-house, at the companies’ premises. If preferred, another mutually convenient location can be decided on.

Where I work?
All training courses and language-related services are delivered in Warsaw at the client’s premises or another previously agreed location.

Get in touch.

Are you looking for a practical communication training course tailored to your own business needs? Feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.
+48661 120 761
Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM)
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